Gardening for Beginners

#Gardeningtips for beginners #Howto #grow #Marigoldplant /गेंदा का पौधा दो तरीके से उगाएं

#Gardeningtips for beginners #Howto #grow #Marigoldplant /गेंदा का पौधा दो तरीके से उगाएं

Hi ,
In this video I share two ways of growing marigold plant for beginners in gardening .

I have made few stem cuttings to grow Marigold plant , since I live in appartment and have frequent transfers of job ,my Balcony Garden is small ,so I try to reuse waste materials for gardening and grow plants from stem cuttings to cut down expenses of gardening .Hope you like this Gardening tips video on marigold/ Genda plant Propagtion.

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