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10 Gardening Hacks for Hibiscus plant | Mealybugs treatment | Hibiscus Grafting

10 Gardening Hacks for Hibiscus plant | Mealybugs treatment | Hibiscus Grafting

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Smart Plant Protector (SPP) is a revolutionary product based on a new-age nanotechnology that protects your plants from pests and diseases while simultaneously improving their aesthetic appearance, pest resistance and ease of care.

SPP consists of nano colloidal micelles which are fast acting emulsifying agents. These micelles have multiple mode of actions which ensures broad spectrum coverage of pests and plant diseases in an eco-friendly manner.

1.) In this video we will see how we care for Hibiscus plant and how to get maximum flowering on it.

2.) Mealybugs permanent treatment will also be done in this video so that you can protect your plant always.

3.) In this video we will also show you how to give fertilizer to Hibiscus plant to get flower for long period of time also how to keep your plant healthy.

Grafting tape:

Gadget i use :-

1.) Mic :
2.) My Smartphone camera:
3.) My light:
4.) My tripod:
5.) My phone:
6.) My Vlogging Camera:
7.) My Green Screen:


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