Gardening Hacks

5 Gardening Hacks For Beautiful Harvests ( Hacks in description )

It’s always nice to watch your plants grow and even nicer to watch them bear fruits. However the way up to the harvest is always strewn with difficulties.
This video is about 5 gardening hacks i’ve learned through my mistakes.
If you have more tips and tricks you’ve learned while gardening, please share it in the comments to spread the knowledge 🙂

5 gardening Hacks:
#1 How to harvest lettuces to increase your yield 01:40
#2 How to hand pollinate gourds 02:28
#3 Add brown materials in your compost 03:45
#4 How to harden seedlings 04:30
#5 Using cut bottles as mini greenhouses 05:22
You missed my video on my 5 Easy Vegan Homemade Fertilizers ?
No worries, here’s the link :


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Photo credits:
Seedling: Francesco Gallarotti
Sun: James Day
Wind vane: Jordan Ladikos
Thermometer: Jaroslaw Kwoczala
Drought: Wesley Tingey
Squash: Andie Kolbeck
Push: Ashley Jurius
Lettuces photo #1 : Satish Kumav
Lettuces photo #2: Jonny Caspavri

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