Flower Garden

【庭作り⑧】田んぼをお庭に!報告です!??Making a flower Garden in a Field!!

Thanks for always watching my channel!!
I have some good news about “Making Flower Garden”?

If you like, please see how to make a garden so far!
⭐【庭作り】お庭作ります!?【New Project】 Make a Garden Here!!

【庭作り①】入口を作るための土入れ!Making a Flower Garden in a Field①

【庭作り②】道作り&堆肥を混ぜて土づくり❢✿Making a Flower Garden in a Field②??

【庭作り③】?植えたい花木10選✨10 Flowering Trees I want to plant??

【庭作り④】計画図描いてみた❢Making a Flower Garden in a Field???

【庭作り⑤】樹木の植え付け?土壌改良➜庭木選び➜植樹➜支柱?Tree Planting❕

【庭作り⑥】土壌改良しながら暑いけど植栽もしました❕植えた植物の紹介など♪Making a Flower      
      Garden in a Field ⑥???

【庭作り⑦】花木、多年草、グランドカバー計24種植込み!Making a Flower Garden in a Field ⑦?

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