Gardening for Beginners

5 Starting Tips | Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Learn how to start a new square foot garden! I put together 5 easy steps to follow if you want to start gardening. I followed these gardening tips and steps and build my successful kitchen garden from scratch my first year gardening.

0:00 How To START GARDENING For Beginners (INTRO)
0:17 Plan your small kitchen garden
3:43 Build raised garden beds
4:24 What soil you need in a vegetable garden
5:57 Planting your first plants
7:22 Taking care of your small garden

Square foot gardening book –
Square foot gardening layout template:
Store –
Gardening shears –
Ingredients for Mel`s mix:
Coco Coir –
Vermiculite –
Compost DIY –

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? When starting my small vegetable garden last year I was flying blind. I did it by feel but I learned that there are some important starting steps you don’t want to skip when starting a vegetable garden from scratch if you want to have an abundant and productive year. Gardening for beginners shouldn’t be flying blind. That is why I wanted to share those starting steps so you can also have your own beautiful vegetable garden where you can grow your own food.


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