Gardening for Beginners

Houseplants for Beginners: 5 Basics for Gardening Indoors

It doesn’t take a green thumb (or even a yard!) to grow a thriving garden at home. All you need to grasp are a few basic gardening concepts. Here, Ekta Chaudhary of Garden Up shares five approachable tips to help your houseplants flourish, from prepping your soil to picking your pot, fertilizer, and watering can. For more advice on cultivating your own vegetables and blooms at home, check out Chaudhary’s Skillshare Original, Indoor Gardening: Grow Houseplants, Veggies, and Herbs:



00:00 Meet Ekta Chaudhary
00:21 #1: Know Your Soil
00:41 Preparing the Ideal Soil Mix
01:24 #2: Proper Watering Habits
01:47 Why Do I Need a Watering Can?
02:15 How to Make a DIY Watering Can Substitute
02:33 #3: Potting Your Plants
03:07 How to Use a Coffee Mug to Pot Your Plants
03:29 Advantages of Terracotta Pots
03:53 #4: Fertilizing Your Plants
04:09 Types of Fertilizer
05:27 #5: Growing New Plants from Clippings
06:28 Join Ekta on Skillshare



You don’t need a yard or even a patio to create a garden oasis in your home—just the know-how that YouTuber and scientist-turned-gardener Ekta Chaudhary of Garden Up is happy to share.

Ekta loves plants. She loves them so much she got a Ph.D. in ecology, all the better to understand her leafy green friends. Living in Mumbai, India, Ekta always had sunlight but didn’t always have a garden or balcony to grow plants on, so she became determined to figure out the best ways for her plants to thrive even indoors. Now, she’s sharing her whole process with you. Alongside Ekta, you’ll also learn how to:

– Put together your own soil blend
– Develop the perfect watering schedule for your plants
– Cultivate flowers to support bees and attract pollinators
– Nurture decorative houseplants to keep your home garden lush

…And grow your own food indoors!



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Ekta Chaudhary is a teacher, gardener, and entrepreneur living in Mumbai. She started her career as a researcher, spending a decade studying ecology and sustainable farming practices among communities in the Himalayas. After finishing her Ph.D., Chaudhary took to gardening full-time with her own venture, Garden Up, as a logical extension to her popular Youtube channel. Today, Garden Up offers services and products through social media, workshops, online courses, and a home decor store, catering to a young audience and helping them find greenery, sustainability, and balance in their lives.



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