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How to Grow LOTS of Watermelon, by trimming runners and making FREE Plant Fertilizer SYSTEM, Compost Bin..and grow Tons of Vegetables & Watermelon in RAISED Garden BED. for cheap and works GREAT!

Here are the SAME Solar Fountain Kits I buy for our Yard and this is an affiliated/aff. link to the company:

and another aff. link for the Solar Fountains we use here, as they run out fast:

Here is a Company that I buy from for tubing for the SOLAR FOUNTAIN Kits, this is an aff. link to their site, (5/16″ ID x 7/16″ OD) which this aff. link will take you right to:

Best Price I have found for TULLE. This is TULLE that Great Fabric SO CHEAP and last years outside here, here is an aff. link to check out, many colors, I usually get one of the greens, but any color will work great:

Soldering Iron works for making holes in buckets and totes, this is an aff. link to someone I have purchased a soldering iron from:

FREE Plant Fertilizer SYSTEM, RAISED Garden BED & How to COMPOST in PLACE to GROW Tons of Vegetables
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