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#91 Top 6 Common Indoor Plants That Can Grow In Water | Grow Houseplants Without Soil

My top 6 Indoor Plants that are growing in just water without soil.

Growing plants in water, whether houseplants or an indoor herb garden, is a great activity for the novice gardener (great for kids!), people with limited space or an aversion to messy dirt, and those who are plant watering-challenged. This method for growing plants is not only low maintenance, but disease and pest resistant.

Many plants grow easily in water, an often used method of propagation. Some folks choose to root houseplants in bottles or the like. An indoor water garden may often consist of clippings from existing houseplants in bottles covering every surface available, to a couple of growing plants in water perched on the kitchen windowsill.

Growing plants in water allows for a greater flexibility in arrangement and can be accomplished in most any type of receptacle that will hold water. Growing houseplants in water may be a slower method than soil-based planting; however, the indoor water garden will remain lush for a lengthy period of time.


00:00 – Introduction
00:48 – Cutting of Satin Pothos
01:03 – Cutting of Golden Pothos
01:18 – Cutting of Jade Plant
01:37 – Cutting of ZZ Plant
01:50 – Cutting of Rubber Plant
02:16 – Cutting of Snake Plant
02:44 – Day 01 of Water Propagation
04:57 – Day 20 of Water Propagation
06:38 – Day 34 of Water Propagation
08:00 – Day 45 of Water Propagation
09:41 – Growing Indoor Plants in LECA

🛒Gardening Products I used:


✅Sansi –
✅Barrina –
✅Barrina High Power –
✅COB LED (Waterproof) –


✅Clay Pebbles(LECA) –
✅Indoor Potting Mix –
✅Perlite (added to soil to make it porous) –
✅Coco Peat –


✅ Fertilizer I use in LECA (Clay Pebbles) –
✅All Purpose Fertilizer –
✅Flowering Fertilizer –


✅Terracota Pot (3 sizes) –
✅Self-Watering Pot –
✅Glass Vase –
✅Glass Vase 6 Inch Tall –


✅Neem Oil –
✅Mosquito Bits (for Pest /GNATS) –


✅Flora Series (Nutrients Solution) –
✅Net Pots –
✅Round Sponge –


✅Terra Cotta Pots 4inches –
✅Succulent Soil Mix –


✅Pruning Shear –
✅Humidifier –
✅Hygrometer –
✅Repotting Mat –
✅Smart Wifi Plug (Auto Timer) –
✅Plastic Pot Hole Maker –
✅Glass Vase Hole Maker –
✅Cordless Drill / Driver –

1. Iphone 12 Pro Max –
2. Tripod –
3. Adjustable Camera Holder –
4. Light –
5. Stabilizer –


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