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Flowers and plants in the landscape design of the garden, yard! 40 beautiful ideas!

Flowers and plants in the landscape design of the garden, yard! 40 beautiful ideas!

An uneven section of the garden may seem like a problem: most likely, special equipment will be rented to level the level, but you can install flower beds in several tiers, presenting the unevenness with a special twist.
What plants to choose for the garden? roof garden
The choice of plants is all down to personal preference. Some housewives prefer to plant new flowers every year, others “stick” to the old ones. How often you want to change the colors of the exterior depends on whether you should buy annual plants for the garden space, or, conversely, plant the space with perennials.
Sometimes gardeners do not have enough space to implement their ideas on the ground, then they decide to implement ideas on the roof. Here it is better to plant dwarf plants that do not have long, powerful roots, which means that they will not threaten the integrity of the roof.
What material to make a flower bed?
It all depends on the imagination and preferences of the owner of the garden plot. In many dachas, there are flower beds lined with various pebbles or even bricks.
Of course, you can build a wooden flower bed with your own hands – you will need long wooden boards of the same size. With their help, you can assemble a hexagonal flower bed or an ordinary square one.
Mixborder: do-it-yourself garden decor from a flower mix
Unfamiliar to many, a somewhat frightening word means complex bright flower beds, consisting of several different varieties of flowers. The concept of “mixborder” came from the UK: it was there that the trend of edging squares, parks, courtyards with a bright floral mix appeared. Colorful colorful flower beds serve as a decoration of the garden, frame hedges, fences.

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