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Winter gardening tricks & hacks! #gardening #gardendesign

It’s been such a bonkers week weather wise hasn’t it? From sun zero. To bucket fulls of rain. ☹️🥷🌿❄️🌨️🌬️

It has sparked plenty of questions about what you can and can’t do in the garden. Along with what will and won’t survive! So I thought I’d give you my top tips!

❄️ Herbaceous plants that have been pruned back already will for the most part be fine. They don’t need protecting.

❄️ A straw mulch is usually sufficient for anything delicate such as Penstemons or the crowns of bog plants like Gunnera.

❄️ Keep pond pumps switched off. Don’t be tempted to crack the ice as the noise can disturb and hard pond fish. Use a warm saucepan filled with hot water to melt a hole in the ice for things to come up for air.

❄️ Spring bulbs will be absolutely fine. They’re foliage might get a bit battered but their underground bulbs will still be warm and protected.

❄️ Defrsot bird baths and ensure there’s fresh food for birds, hedgehogs and early flowering plants for bees.

Other than that. Sit back and enjoy the rest!

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